How does Sanako Connect work?

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Manage student pairs and groups easily in one view

Divide your students to pairs or groups. Each group can discuss at the same time without distracting each other. Teacher can listen in and talk with each group.

Create and assign exercises in the same platform 

Includes task types tailored for language teaching. Create model imitation, video exercises, or gap-fill exercises for your students in minutes.

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Unique recording features tailored for language teaching and learning

Simple recorder allows students to speak and record themselves and complete speaking and pronunciation exercises. Advanced recorder allows them to insert their answers to video or audio files' master track.

“It is vital that we are able to count on tools that allow us to maintain the quality of our teaching, both when working face-to-face and when teaching from distance. It is also important that we have platforms that are innovative, easy to use, accessible from different devices, up to date and that offer good and reliable technical support.”

-Yrama Lander Lopez, University language instructor


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